About Us

FRESHAVE, a clinically proven, dermatologist developed, shaving mousse, will virtually eliminate all traces of skin irritation and razor burn associated with the daily rigors of shaving. 

In 1995 Dr. Donald B. Feinsod, the founder of skindoctor.com, decided he wanted to share his skin expertise and the products that he developed with those other than his valued patients. After years of selling the products by word-of-mouth, he created a website to share his products with everyone. All products on this site are the same products used in his office for the past 30 years - improved and refined while used by thousands of patients [of all skin types].

Since this proprietary formula was developed by Dr. Feinsod, thousands of men have been able to shave comfortably - something no other product could offer them. If you are a current customer we THANK YOU for your loyalty. If this is your first time, WELCOME, and enjoy our products like thousands of others have. Freshave, a clinically proven, dermatologist developed shaving mousse, is proven to virtually eliminate all traces of skin irritation and razor burn associated with the daily rigors of shaving. With it's unique formula, Freshave utilizes the lubricating properties of liquid crystal emulsions. Not delivered like most aerosol shaving creams (which are primarily air), Freshave is a highly concentrated mousse that is applied closely to the skin. Freshave delivers its rich emollients to the base of the hair follicle, enabling the user to get an exceptionally close shave, while reducing mechanical abrasion, irritation and virtually eliminating razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae).

About Dr. Feinsod

Dr. Donald B. Feinsod is a specialist in dermatology and dermatological surgery. He has been a practicing dermatologist in the New York area for more than 40 years and widely recognized within the pharmaceutical industry for his work in product development. Dr. Feinsod consults for a number of leading pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. He led the team that introduced the country’s top selling prescription acne medicine as well as played a key role in creation of other products.